About Us

Tecnometal Group

The Group

Tecnometal Group is specialised in the construction of custom-made metal containers for the automotive, aeronautical and logistics sectors in general.
Today the group consists of 2 companies:

Tecnometal S.r.l in Italy focuses on the European and Asian markets;

Tecnopackaging in Brazil focuses on the American market

About us

Ours is a dynamic company in today’s market that carries out activities in the Metal Packaging sector, having as customers the main companies in the automotive sector.

The solid ideals are based on preserving quality and continuous investment in renewal technologies, concentrating all efforts on preserving and pursuing this vision.

The management is implemented by the extreme quality policy of its services, always trying to avoid damage to the environment and enhance its staff’s value.


Our aim is to demonstrate that the use of innovative technologies makes it possible to be competitive in terms of costs while remaining tied to the product quality principles that are required more than ever by our customers.


Our vision is to offer high-tech solutions for the transport and storage of special parts that not only guarantee their quality and integrity but also add value to our customers’ production process

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