Containers for automotive use

The production of metal containers is the result of more than 20 years of experience, which has enabled us to acquire complete knowledge of all the problems and requirements associated with the transport and storage of automotive parts, especially glass (windscreens, rear windows, etc.).
A fundamental branch of the company is the design: in order to meet the requirements of different customers, we can design and manufacture metal containers for any type of product shape or weight.
The most sophisticated technological machines allow us to develop any product in a very short time.
Thanks to all this, the customer is guaranteed to have a high quality, well finished and functional product. For this reason, multinational companies in the automotive field rely on us for the transport and storage of their products.
Tecnometal S.r.l. develops about 20,000 pallets per year.

Inside the company, there is a qualified staff composed of several units

Containers for aeronautical use

Over the years, the main aircraft manufacturers have relied on the Tecnometal group for the design and development of metal packaging for various aeronautical components such as joysticks, fuselages, flashings, etc.

Handling facilities
Internal or Special

Dedication and experience allow the company to develop and produce special structures for internal logistics such as trolleys, wagons, turntables etc.

All these types of products can be requested on a small or large scale.

Furthermore, the external treatment is always at the customer’s choice, who can choose between painting, hot-dip galvanising or electrolytic galvanising.

Using our help, the customer can count on qualified and reliable collaboration.

Design and Prototyping

Using the most advanced CAD systems for product development, we are able to develop the concept and the virtual prototype.

By doing this we increase competitiveness and reduce the cost of the production time of the prototype.


Therefore, we are able to develop a full new project having only the mathematics of the part to be transported

Smart city solutions

In our South American plant, we develop and produce infrastructure for public use, such as bus stops. This type of service is exclusive to North and South America.

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